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   JOSÉ “Toti” GLUSMAN       

Director, Actor, Writer, Producer   (versión en español)

Glusman  was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina some time during the past century. He studied Performing Arts, theater direction and filmmaking, together with Business Administration at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

In 1981 he started his artistic education with well-known teachers such as Ricardo Bartis and Lorenzo Quinteros, theater direction with David Amitín and later, in 1983, with Werner Schroeter.

Between 1982 and 1990 he took part in a dozen theater plays, eight films (both Argentine and foreign) and ten television programs. He also conducted radio programs. He began to direct and write theater plays in 1985 and to shoot his own original video stories in 1990. In 1995 he directed “Intimo and Interactivo”, a MuchMusic program from Cisneros Television Group. As from 1993, he took part in advertising as writer and director. 

In 1990 he founded his own production company: Grupo S.U.A.R.  srl, devoted to show business and audiovisual productions. As from 1993 he has produced, both independently and with his production company, exhibitions, musicals, theater plays, institutional videos, advertising campaigns and films (taking part in the latter as writer, actor and director too).

In 2000 he writes, produces, acts and directs his first feature film: CIEN AÑOS DE PERDÓN, which received the following nominations and awards:

-         Best Original Screenplay, Best Film and “Sol de Oro” Great Award Ciudad de Gavá at the Gavá International Film Festival - Barcelona, Spain, 2000.

-         Best Film (Second Prize) at Festival Cinesul - Mostra Latino-Americana do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2001.

-         Nominated as Best Opera Prima, Best Script and Best Supporting Actress for the “Cóndor de Plata” Awards, by the Association of Argentine Film Reviewers. It was the fifth most nominated Argentine movie of the year.

Cien Años de Perdón was distributed by Distribution Company. It opened in Argentina in August, 2000 and was on at theaters  until December.

Glusman has currently finished the screenplay for his second movie SOLOS, and is starting pre-production of the film.

Toti Glusman´s work



As a director, actor, writer and producer:

- “Cien Años de Perdón” , 2000.

Invited to 15 International Film Festivals.

As a director and writer:


            - “Acerca de la Ley Federal de Educación”,    institucional video, 1996

            - “Intimo e Interactivo”, program for Muchmusic,  1995-1996

- “Una Clase de Vida”, documentary, shown on ATC National Televisión Network, 1995

            - Institutional commercials for  “Documenta” Series, 1994

- Advertising Campaign for “Puerto Robot”,  1992

- Advertising Campaign for the exhibition “Feria de los Inventos” , 1990-1993

- Short Film “Los Eficientes”, 1990


- Directed, "Password", by Jorge Huertas, Comedia de La Plata, september 2003.

- “Soplando una historia a los Cuatro Vientos”, 1990-1991 / 2003

- Writer of “ Los Desaforados”, which opened in Buenos Aires, on September 2001

            - “Anónima, la Teleteatro”, which received 3 nominations to the ACE Awards  1992 - 1993

            - Directed  “...Pero me quedo”, written  by M. Ibarreta and R. Castro, in 1990.

- “Los Videotas”, rock opera written by JG, 1985.


As a producer:

Founds  GRUPO S.U.AR. SRL production company in 1990.


            - “Acerca de la Ley Federal de Educación”,    institutional video, 1996

            - “Intimo e Interactivo”, program for Muchmusic,  1995-1996

- Short Film “Los Eficientes”, 1990

- “Una Clase de Vida”, documentary, shown on ATC National Televisión Network, 1995

            - Institutional commercials for  “Documenta” Series, 1994

- Advertising Campaign for “Puerto Robot”,  1992

- Executive Production for  “Don Lane Pictures, USA, 1992

- Advertising Campaign for the exhibition “Feria de los Inventos” , 1990-1993


            - “Soplando una historia a los cuatro vientos”, 1990-1991/2003

- Producer of the Exhibition  OBJETOS IMPOSIBLES,  by Jacques Carelman, at the Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, 1998

- General Manager of  “Puerto Robot”, Centro Mun. de Expos.1992             

- Artistic Producer of  “Feria de los Inventos”, 1990-1993

- “...Pero me quedo”, de M. Ibarreta y R. Castro, 1990

- Production of radio program “Onda Bere Bere”, Radio Municipal,1989-1990

- “Los Videotas”, rock opera written by JG, 1985

- Organization of the “Encuentro de dos culturas” for the benefit of the Toba aboriginals, at the Luna Park Show Stadium, 1985

- Creation of the Alternative Cultural Space “El Depósito”, 1983-1986

As an actor

FILMS           - “Sahara, Cuentos de una guerra”, directed by Pedro Perez Rosado, Spain, 2002. - “Imagining Argentina”, directed by Christopher Hampton, 2002, - “Rapado”, directed by Martín Rejman, 1991; - “Gatica, el mono”, directed by Leonardo Favio1991,  - “El amor es una mujer gorda”, directed by Alejandro Agresti, 1987; - “Un hombre en el pasillo”, short film, 1986, directed by Cristina Civale (Coca Cola Award 1987 ); - “Ciudad Oculta”, directed by Osvaldo Andechaga, 1985; - “De l’Argentine”, directed by Werner Schroeter, 1985, - “Gun Ho”, directed by Ron Howard,  Paramount Pictures, 1985;

THEATRE - “De aquí no me voy”, directed by Pepe Cibrián Campoy, 1982; - “El Tango dice...”, directed by Santiago Doria; - “Real Envido”, written by Griselda Gambaro and directed by Juan Cosín, 1983; - Cyclo of “Encuentros en el parque”, street theater, 1984; - Opera “La fuerza del destino”, directed by Jaime Kogan, Teatro Colón, 1985; - “La máquina de sumar”, written by Elmer Rice and directed by Diego Kogan, 1986; -  “Pericones”, written by Mauricio Kartum and directed by Jaime Kogan, Teatro Municipal Gral. San Martín, 1987; - “Madre Coraje”, by B. Brecht, directed by Robert Sturúa, 1988-1990

TELEVISION -  “Mesa de Noticias”, 1985;  - “Tiempo Cumplido”, 1987; - “De Fulanas y Menganas”, 1988-1989; - “Hacia el 2000 nosotros mismos”, based on an original idea, and conducted during, 1990; - “Pasión”, Argentine-French coproduction, directed by María H. Avellaneda 1990; - “Desde Adentro”, Spanish-Argentine coproduction, directed by E. Milewicz, 1992; - “Casi todo, casi nada”, a telenovela by E. Torres, 1993; - “Marco, el candidato”, by Cernadas Lamadrid, directed by H. A. Moser1995, - “099 Central”, Pol-K Producciones.

RADIO - “Onda Bere Bere”, as a conductor, for Radio Municipal, 1989 - 1990