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Grupo S.U.AR. S.R.L. (versión en español)

Production Company and development of Projects, was created in 1990 by José Glusman (see CV), Argentinean, born in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1958. He studied Companies Administration in Universidad de Buenos Aires. 

Our trajectory in production began in the same year developing the Artistic Area of the event “Trades of Inventions Exhibition" ", carried out in the Centro Municipal de Exposiciones, in Buenos Aires, in its three editions up to 1993, visited for a hundred thousand spectators.

In the audiovisual field, in 1994 produce  the Series of short advertising " Documenta", for the Ministry of Education.

 In 1995 it assumes the production de " Una Clase de Vida",  a documentary about the Wichis Indians, in the Argentinean northwest,. It was shown by  Channel 7 for the whole country

In 1996 we produced "Acerca de la Ley Federal de Educación", didactic video, with gratuitous distribution in all the domestic educational establishments, received with 97% of positive acceptance.

In 1998 our company brings to Argentina from Paris the French artist's Exhibition Jacques Carelman, IMPOSSIBLE OBJECTS,  in the Palais de Glace, in Bs. As., with great public event; being, also, owner of their commercial exploitation rights for Latin America and Brazil.

In 1999 we produced the film "Cien Años de Perdón” ( A hundred Years of Forgiveness), invited to participate in 15 Cinema Festivals, winner of 4 International Prizes, with 7 Nominations to better Movie and 3 Nominations to the prizes Condor de Plata, being one of the movies but nominated of the production of the year 2.000.

At the moment we are working in preproduction of the film "Solos",  and of the Documentary  "Paisanos de la Isla", about the Jewish community of Cuba.